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Previously Self-Published Stories

Forgetting Isa Cover

Forgetting Isa

HORROR/THRILLER. The tale of a young sister and the memories that escape her. Memories that might spell doom for both her and her family. 2011

Prodigal Father Cover

The Prodigal Father

SCI-FI/THRILLER. Jack Isles watch as his son was kidnapped. Wept for his murdered wife. Eight years later, he discovers the answers. 2011

Woman in the Photograph Cover
Woman in the Photograph

DRAMA. Sixteen years ago, June was left on the door of a fire hall. The only evidence of her mother was a photograph taken from a surveillance camera. 2012.

Previously Published Short Stories

The White Woman

SCI-FI/HORROR. A short story, published in the Halloween edition of Another Realm magazine. 2011

BattleTech: Deathgrip

SCI-FI/ACTION. A short story, the second-place contest winner in the Golden Pen writing event on a BattleTech/Mechwarrior website. 2011